OakfordOBM - Command Line Tool

Click on the [Command Line Tool] tab to configure a Pre-Backup or Post-Backup command.

Command to execute batch file to stop and start an application before and after a backup job, or other command to shutdown the computer when a backup job is complete can be configured.

Menu ItemDescription
AddClick to add new pre or post backup command
RemoveClick to remove existing pre or post backup command.
NameInput box to enter name of a pre or post backup command.
Working DirectoryDirectory which the pre or post backup command will run at.
CommandInput box to enter pre or post backup command to be run.

For Windows:
Native command or command to execute a batch, command or VBScript file can be configured:
shutdown -s -t 60

The pre and post backup command will run at different stages of a backup according to it's backup type.

The following table outlines when they would be run:

Backup typePre-Backup commandPost-Backup command
File backup typeRun before any file is backed up (uploaded) to the backup server.Run when the backup (upload) of all files are completed.
Non-file backup typeRun before any database file is spooled to the designated temporary directory.Run after spooling backup files to temporary directory (e.g. before the first backup file is uploaded).