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Temporary directory for OakfordOBM

For database or application backup modules such as the following:

MS Exchange Server backup
MS Windows System backup
ShadowProtect System backup
System State backup

Corresponding data are spooled to a temporary directory before they are compressed, encrypted and uploaded onto the backup server.

It is highly recommended that the temporary directory or volume used for these modules is not a system volume (e.g. not the same partition which the operating system is installed on).

It is also recommended that the temporary directory or volume configured to have at least storage space of 150% of the expected backup size.

Regular checks on the temporary directory, for left over files due to previous unsuccessful backup are also recommended.

Administrators need to pay attention to the maximum file size limitation of different file system format, so that data can be backed up to the Local Copy destination (for local copy backup), or database file can be spooled to the temporary directory (for off-site / local database type backup).