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Backup Virtual Machine (Hyper-V)

Login to the backup application's user interface.

Select the [Backup Settings] button and the button to start the New Backup Set Wizard.

Create a MS VM Backup set by selecting [MS VM Backup] from the backup set type dropdown menu.

Select the version of the hypervisor.

Select [Next] to proceed.

Select the corresponding virtual machines for backup.

Alternatively, select individual virtual disk for backup by expanding the corresponding VM sub tree.

For backup of individual virtual disk, configuration files of the VM are also backed up.

For backup of virtual machine with snapshot, backup of the whole VM is highly recommended (instead of selective virtual disk).

Configure a backup schedule for unattended backups.

Select an encryption setting for your backup set.

Press the [OK] button to complete the configuration of backup set.

Scheduled backup will run automatically at the configured schedule time.

Click [Backup] button on the left panel to perform a backup immediately.