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BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the recovery model is SIMPLE

Backup failing with the following error in the backup log: “[Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [SQL Server] The statement BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the recovery model is SIMPLE”.

A backup set is Scheduled to backup the log files of MS SQL server. No log files are created when the recovery mode is not set to FULL. Therefore no backup of the log files can be made.

To fix this issue simply change the recovery model in the backup source menu of your backuptask. Right-click the corresponding database and select ‘full’. click ok when finished and ‘save settings’ in the main menu:

Description of Full Recovery (Information by Microsoft):

The Full Recovery model uses database backups and transaction log backups to provide complete protection against media failure. If one or more data files is damaged, media recovery can restore all committed transactions. In-process transactions are rolled back.

Full Recovery provides the ability to recover the database to the point of failure or to a specific point in time. To guarantee this degree of recoverability, all operations, including bulk operations such as SELECT INTO, CREATE INDEX, and bulk loading data, are fully logged
The backup strategy for full recovery consists of:
  • Database backups.
  • Differential backups (optional).
  • Transaction log backups.